The potential of community is endless.  

To open architecture is to agree that the design of spaces is more than just a technical trade, or the construction of a pretty building. It's a process that grants access to architecture for everyone.


We're opening architecture to all members of the community, from trained architects to grade school students, challenging people from all walks of life to join a global conversation, we want you to contribute. 

In what way do you, or can you, open architecture with your community? We’re asking you to take to social media to share your ideas with the world. Together we can introduce the power of design to those who aren’t aware that the potential of their community is endless. By bringing our ideas together, we prove that everyone has a place in architecture, and together we can better the world. 


All summer long chapters around the globe will highlight their projects and members. Join them @openarchcollab


#iOpenArchitecture live feed!


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